The Trappe Door Restaurant & Bar

Location: Greenville, SC
Contractor: Red Pointe Builders
Our Part: Woodwork, Cabinets, Benches, Bar, Reception

the background

Trappe Door bench by Trim WorksThe goal was to re-create an authentic Belgian Restaurant experience right in Greenville Downtown. Barley’s Restaurant Owner Josh Beeby found the perfect location for the venue in the basement of Barley’s, which had been used as a storage space for decades. After removing years of trash and debris the space turned out to be a hidden gem consisting of brick walls, wood beams and low ceilings – just like the bars in Belgium – and the Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team set out to build the restaurant’s wood interior, furniture, molding and cabinetry to help complete the European ambiance.

the challenges

The restaurant needed the perfect combination of “old and new” to create the desired cozy and authentic space envisioned by Josh Beeby. All woodwork needed to be custom fitted into tight spaces and accommodate uneven surfaces. Radial outlines and curved moldings were required to complement the design. Finally,  it had to meet the project budget and be finished by opening date of April  7th.

the result

The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team custom built all benches, cabinets, bar top and reception desk in the shop and finished the woodwork on site to ensure a perfect fit. A unique curved bench incorporating antique cornice pieces serves as a center piece of the restaurant and provides additional seating for the patrons of the restaurant. The bar consists of a solid wood curved top and also incorporates an attractive wood island and a wine cabinet providing additional storage space behind the counter. The restaurant entrance area showcases elaborate cabinetry and a curved reception desk – a stunning way to welcome customers and a fitting complement to the Trappe Door’s unique ambience and exquisite food and drink experience.