Seasons by the Lake Restaurant

Location: Clemson, SC
Contractor: Marsh Bell Construction Co
Our Part: Woodwork, Trim, Cabinets, Curved Wall, Paneling

Dining Area with 3 form panelsthe background

The Seasons by the Lake Restaurant is a part of the Conference Center and Inn located at Clemson University, hosting over 100,000 visitors annually. The goal of the renovation project of the Restaurant and Bar area was to open up the space and orient the dining area towards the lake so that patrons of the bar and restaurant could enjoy the scenic view of Lake Hartwell as part of their dining experience. The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team was contracted by Marsh Bell Construction Company to build the bar, cabinetry, special woodworking in the entrance and serving area,  molding and unique paneling system to complete the design.

Serving Wall

the challenges

The restaurant entrance area needed to be refitted incorporating 500 linear feet of 6″ cherry wood planks curved around a partition and serving wall. In addition, 35 pre-finished cherry panels had to be fitted in partition walls. Joe’s Bar was remodeled using custom built cherry cabinets and a new 23 foot custom bar and wood work. New products like 3-form paneling, custom standoffs and hanstone quarz tops had to be ordered and installed within a very narrow time frame of only 10 weeks from start to finish.

Joes Bar

the result

The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team custom built the bar cabinetry, wood- and trim work in record time and ensured flawless coordination with the contractor to help stay within the tight installation time frame. 3-form paneling was custom ordered, delivered and installed shortly before restaurant re-opening to avoid any possible damage of delicate design parts during the construction phase. The unique curved cherry wood paneling on the serving wall was installed to provide an eye catching separation of the dining and reception area.
10 weeks ended up being enough time for Schroeders Trim Works & Cabinets to help create a complete “change of the seasons”  and complement the lovely dining experience at Clemson University with fitting woodwork and cabinetry.