Kitchen For Styles Residence

Location: Greenville, SC
Contractor: Owner
Our Part: Kitchen Cabinets and Countertops

Styles Kitchen

the background

This residence located in Greenville Downtown was in desolate shape when purchased by the owner. The house itself is over 70 years old and beautifully set in a historic neighborhood. The owner completely gutted and restored the home, upgrading the whole residence inside and out while still preserving the original charm of the building.

the challenges

Due to this being a settled house, several floors and windows were out of level and uneven wall surfaces and odd corners had to be considered. The kitchen area needed to accomodate the full kitchen plus an island and fit the owners social lifestyle. The owner envisioned an open kitchen space inviting for social events and gatherings .

the result

The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team designed and custom built the kitchen cabinets and island to take advantage of every inch of limited space. The owners design ideas were incorporated in a functional and open design. We suggested using a farm sink to complement the vintage cabinet design and glass doofronts. Butcherblock countertops and intricate trim detail on the island complete the kitchen. The result perfectly fits the house and allows the owner to cook, live and entertain in “Style”.