Hub City Co-op

Location: Hub City Co-op, Spartanburg SC

Our Part: Cabinets, Paneling and Solid Surface Countertops


the background

Hub City Co-op is a community-owned, democratically run natural grocery store. It is the first food co-op in South Carolina, owned by thousands of community members and featuring a wide variety of local, natural and organic foods and products. The building housing the store was fully remodeled and restored while preserving its original historic character.
The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team was contracted to supply cabinets for the bistro area, paneling and countertops for sales and cash counters, and finishing touches including chalk boards for news and announcements.

the challenges

The cabinetry and paneling was designed to feature unique veneering to fit the sleek and “earthy” feel of the store. Solid surface countertops were custom fitted for sales counters and office areas.

the results

The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team custom made the cabinets, panels and countertops within the projected timeframe and budget. Additional features like chalk boards and eye catching paneling were installed “on the fly” as the store opening drew closer and several gaps needed to be closed on short notice. All work and installation was completed before the Co-op opened its doors and our team is thankful for the opportunity to support the creation of a new shopping experience for Spartanburg’s community.