BMW Performance Driving Center

Location: BMW Performance Center in Greer, SC
Our Part: Paneling and Wood Trellis

the background

The BMW Performance Center incorporates an impressive 64000 sq ft facility boasting several multimedia conference rooms, outdoor bistro seating and M Cafe, gift shop, and for those purchasing a brand new BMW, a Delivery Center. With over 1.7 combined miles of paved track in various configurations, customers can see and feel real-life driving conditions. The Performance Center offers Teen Schools, Car Control, M Schools, Drives, Tours, Motorcycle Training for individuals as well as groups and corporate events. 
The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team was contracted to participate in a remodeling and facelift of the reception and bistro area and help further improve a one-of-a-kind customer experience in a unique setting.

the challenges

The bistro area was refitted to incorporate several wood beam room dividers, paneled knee walls and trellis designs in order to provide a sleek and modern touch to the customer’s dining experience. A freestanding trellis over the buffet area was installed, showcasing exact spacing and immaculate wood finish due to the high visibility of this room feature.

the results

The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team custom built the trellis, room dividers and knee wall paneling within the projected timeframe and ensured flawless coordination with the project team and the operating staff of the Bistro. The beams were cured and prepared by the Schroeder’s team during a time consuming and week long preparation process at the Schroeder’s Trim Works and Cabinets workshop, in order to ensure that the vertical as well as horizontal part of the trellis does not exhibit any possible deformation or sag over time. All work and installation was conducted while the Performance Center was in full operation and no events were affected or disturbed through noise or dust during the process. The unique and superbly executed design has been drawing customer’s attention and compliments and the finished product met all expectations of a world class company with the highest quality standards.