Big Air Trampoline Park

Location: Big Air Trampoline Park, Spartanburg SC
Our Part: Reception Desk, Shoe Cubbies, Waiver Station, Cafe

the background

Big Air Trampoline Park is more than just your “same old” trampoline park. It’s a fun experience for young and old, featuring an array of attractions and challenges like a Bullpen, a Main Court to flip and fly in every direction, an epic, one-on-one jousting Battle Beam, Ninja Courses, Mazes, Climbing Walls and Dunk Courts, as well as Lil’ Air, providing designated spaces for the smallest trampoline artists to bounce and jump safely. The Schroeder’s Trim Works & Cabinets Team was contracted to provide the cabinetry and woodwork for the entire venue, including a Welcome Center, Waiver Station, Shoe Cubbies and Countertops for the Café Area.

the challenges

All cabinetry and woodwork needed to fit the fun, sleek and trendy design of the trampoline park, while providing a robust structure to withstand the daily onslaught of fully energized trampoline visitors! Plenty of shoe cubbies were needed to be stuffed, abused, sat and trampled on by young “trampoliners”. All furniture was build with plenty of “bulk” and some of the cubbies had to be moved in by fork trucks due to their weight

the results

Ready for battle! Visit Big Air Trampoline Park to make the biggest of memories here on one of their signature attractions — like when your little ones battle it out for bragging rights on industry-exclusive Battlebeam®, or you watch your little one jump on a trampoline for the first time at Lil’ Air. Bounce, jump and fly!